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AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN - Religious superiors: "Let us spread the message of ‘Laudato Sì’ "

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Posted on: 05/07/16
Juba - "Pollution of the water, of the land, of the air; deforestation and cutting of trees, burning the forests, overgrazing and desertification and oil exploitation as the major income for the country but as a grave polluting agent". These are the human and natural threats that South Sudan has to face, according to the religious operating in the country.
At the end of a workshop dedicated to the Encyclical "Laudato sė", the superiors of the more than 500 religious working in southern Sudan, gathered in RSASS , issued a statement entitled "Let us take care of our common home - South Sudan".
South Sudan is emerging from civil war, which has had a strong negative impact on social life. "In the long years of war we lost the relationship with our brothers and sisters, becoming like Cain who killed his brother", said the document, sent to Agenzia Fides. "We have lost our relationship with God who has entrusted to us, as stewards, his creation, and making ourselves lords of creation we put in danger our sacred home".
To remedy this situation, the religious operating in South Sudan are committed to ensuring that "the education of children and youth and formation of leaders is a priority in our parishes and schools" and to use the media, especially radio, to spread the message of "Laudato Sė".
Finally, it aims to sensitize the population to plant trees, to keep the environment clean and to improve farming techniques.


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